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5 exercises for stomach and intestines work

These exercises are extremely effective in removing gases from the stomach and intestines. These exercises – a magical deliverance from constipation and indigestion of the stomach.

Before you start the exercises, the body and mind should be calmed and relaxed.

Exercise: Leg rotation

Raise (not bending) the right leg and make it 10 rotations clockwise and as much counterclockwise.

Do the same with your left foot.

Relax for a while, then lift both legs (do not bend your knees and tightly squeeze each other). Make 10 rotations with both feet clockwise, and then as much in the opposite direction.

Note:  When performing this exercise, keep the entire body, including the head, lying motionless on the floor. At the end of the exercise, rest until the breathing is normal. Do not overexert yourself.

Exercise: Rotating the bicycle pedals



Stage 1:  Raise your right foot and make 10 movements that resemble the rotation of the bicycle pedals, and then do 10 similar movements in the opposite direction.

Do the same with your left foot.

Stage 2:  With both feet, make 10 “pedal rotations” forward and 10 in the opposite direction.

Stage 3:  Now connect the legs and make them together 10 “pedal rotations” forward, and then 10 reverse “pedal rotations”.

Note:  After completing the exercise, stay on your back until your breathing returns to normal. Do not overexert yourself.

Exercise: Pose of the foot lock


Stage 1:  Take the initial position lying on the back. Lifting the right leg, bend it in the knee and press the thigh against the chest. Twist your fingers and put them on your knee.

Take a deep breath and exhale completely, hold your breath on exhalation. While holding your breath, raise your head and try to touch the knee with your nose. Then, with a breath, slowly return to the supine position on the back. Relax the whole body. Do this 10 times with each foot.

Stage 2:  The starting position is the same as in stage 1.

Bend both legs and clasp your knees. Do 10 times the lifting of the head described above and the knee-nose; carefully monitor your breathing (stage 1).

Benefits:  These exercises massage the abdominal cavity. They are extremely effective in removing gases and eliminating constipation.

Exercise: Side-to-side rolling


Stage 1:  Lie on your back. Bend both legs, pressing the hips to the chest.

Twist the fingers of both hands and place them behind the head of the head.

Holding your elbows against the floor, roll your body from side to side.

Make 10 rolls to each side.

Stage 2:  In the same starting position as in stage 1, grasp the knees with your hands and begin to rock back and forth on the spine.

Try to roll forward squatting, leaning on both feet.



Note:  When performing these exercises, use a doubled blanket as a bedding, so as not to damage your back. Make sure that the head does not hit the floor.

Limitations:  This exercise can not be performed on people who have structural disorders of the spine.

Benefit:  Exercise massages the back, buttocks and thighs. It will bring the best benefit if it is performed in the morning, immediately after awakening from sleep.

Exercise: Paddler in the boat


Stage 1:  Lie on your back, stretch your legs, put your hands on the floor on the sides of the body with your hands down.

With inspiration raise your legs, arms, head and trunk. The head and legs should be raised no more than one foot (30 cm) from the floor.

Hands should be directed along the line of the feet; palms are on the same level with the toes.

Hold this position for a convenient time for you. Then exhale slowly back to the starting position.

Relax the whole body. Perform this asana five times.

Stage 2:  Repeat the same exercise, but this time in the raised position, clench your fists and tense the whole body as hard as possible.

Exhaling, quickly (but with care) return to the starting position.

Relax the whole body.

Breathing:  Breathe during the lifting of the body. Exhale during the return to the starting position.

Note: The upper position should be held until the abdominal muscles begin to vibrate.

Benefit:  This exercise is very good for relaxing muscles and joints.

It should be done in the morning when you get out of bed after a night’s sleep. It is useful for nervous, stressed people, as it brings quick and deep relaxation. It expels gastric and intestinal worms, improves digestion and stimulates peristalsis.

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