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Men’s Secrets to Effective Weight Loss

Studies show that when men go on a diet , their final result in two times more effective , than women. So what is their secret ?

Hardly such an extraordinary male ability has a scientific explanation , but some logic can still be traced.

1. Our ideas about “results” are very different
Men are less susceptible complexes and are not going to become a bodybuilder , unlike women , who aspire to be like underwear models. They just want to increase the weight of their bar by 20 kilograms by Christmas , and if their biceps increase , it will be just a pleasant bonus. And certainly none of the men never think , that his wife does not want to have sex with him , because he can not raise the bar.

2. Men love to compete,And thanks to this, they achieve impressive results. Catching up in the gym , they always arrange gambling competition with each other , that spurs and motivates them. As a rule , they choose a reference point for themselves , which must at all costs surpass , and work hard on it.

3. They know exactly , how to eat
And most importantly , they have a titanic force of will , to give up the extra food. They can easily refuse donuts , replacing them with cupcakes , and not suffer at all from it. Thus , they lose weight without eliminating a whole group of products. Fact: they eat better , than we are , and quite nervous about it.

4. They have a woman , who support them
And they can cook special meals for them , if their diet requires. Also, women may be assigned to all the household chores , when on certain days of the man goes to the gym , to aggressively pumping your biceps and work on their health. And this , perhaps , is the main thing!

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