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What not to eat if you have high blood pressure

1. Sodium and salt

In case of doubt , sodium intake is prescribed at2.300 milligrams per day . If it exceeds then it becomes one of the foods to avoid in high blood pressure . On Nutrition Facts marks , look at Percent Daily Values (% DV ) – 5% DV or less sodium per serving is low while 20% DV is considered high . Limit the strength of the salt cellar and this high sodium sustenances that strain the expansion of the circulation :

2. Canned beans

Canned beans can be laid with sodium for conservation purposes . In the case of buying canned beans , washing the beans with colander and water can help wash off most of the salt .

3. Premade Soups

Regardless of the improvement of nutritious vegetables , soups can be laid with salt and sodium . more than that , not at all, like canned beans , soups can not be dropped to reduce salt substances . While picking up soups , try to open low-sodium ” or “ reduced salt items or use the name of food undeniable .

4. Canned or Butylated Tomato Products

Tomato sauces , glues and ketchup are often combined with salt . Make your own items with new or washed , canned tomatoes for fixing and controlling salt .

5. Processed meats

Prepackaged meat , including breakfast sausages and sausages , tend to be stacked with sodium . Despite doubts that storing meat , for example, Turkey , can be a lean source of protein , salt is normally included . Dodge latent sodium, receiving in particular from the butcher, unlike in the food trader refrigerated areas .

6. Cured Power

Dinners are found in a cool place pizzas , chicken sticks and individual hardened courses stacked with unwanted attachments , and loaded with sodium . In fact , even the touted sound ” of dinners tend to contain high sodium measures .

7. Sugar

This is the main food to avoid in high blood pressure . Sugar is in a wide range of sustenance , either normally or deceptively included . It is basic to reduce the elements stacked with sugar included , since they basically only offer calories and add weight to pick up overweight and hefty people have an increased risk of growing hypertension . The American Heart Association ( AHA ) provides the largest sugar included intake of37.5 grams (or 9 teaspoons) for men and 25 grams(6 teaspoons) every day . Included sugars are regularly found in :

Confection basically offers just calories and sugar, while piercing the sugar level . Avoid sweet suckers and pieces of caramel and select usually sweetened natural foods rich in fiber and potassium , the main supplement that has shown a deterrent role in hypertension .

Soda’s meals just sugar and calories like sweet does . It is possible (or 12 liquid ounces ) of pop music and generally contains more than 9 teaspoons of sugar.

donuts , cakes and delicacies are laid with sugar along with fat . The mixture can add weight to pick up unreasonable amounts . Reducing the use of these elements and the segment of retention and serving sizes in conditions of severe restrictions .

8. Sauces

Sauces and filling can be one or two strokes in relation to its creation as salt and sugar ketchup is a known fastener for providing high measures and . Seasonal products with crunchy herbs or make certain keep amounts in small segments when using plunges or sauces .

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