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When Should You Skip Physical Exercising

Physical exercises are simply necessary for good physical and mental health . In principle, it is easy for them to find time in our daily routine, they do not require too much time, and the benefits of exercising without exaggeration are enormous.

They force our body to actively expend energy and thus help us get rid of excess kilograms. Physical exercises also help prevent many diseases.

And that is not all. Such exercises have a positive effect on the brain, they develop endurance and increase efficiency in all areas of activity.

It is very good to exercise daily, but there are situations in which, in order to avoid undesirable consequences, it is better to refrain from them .

Since many do not know about this, we will tell you about 7 such cases.

Discover them for yourself!

1. Infection accompanied by high fever

Heat, pain, malaise – this is usually the reaction of the immune system to attacking the body of viruses and bacteria.

In this situation, the forces, as they say, leave the person, and, of course, all physical activity is contraindicated to him.

It interferes with the normal functioning of the immune system and causes the person to spend too much energy.

This energy is necessary for the body to fight infection .

2. The situation of “lack of sleep”

Sleeping less than 5 hours a day is very unhealthy. In this case, both the body and the psyche are affected.

The consequences of lack of sleep do not manifest immediately, but over time, health problems and illnesses associated with it may appear.

In case of lack of sleep, the immune system weakens and we are left with forces. Therefore, in such a situation, it is better not to expose the body to extra workload and not exercise.

If we do this, the body does not cope well with the load, coordination of movements is disrupted, fatigue is rapidly growing.

3. Damage or injury

If the muscles, joints and bones are damaged, adequate medical attention is required. Incorrect, inadequate actions in such a situation can cause serious complications.

Some specialists recommend certain exercises of low intensity for such injuries, but most often in such a situation doctors prescribe several days of rest.

This is due to the fact that all movements of damaged tissues complicate their recovery and healing of wounds and fractures . As a result, recovery is prolonged or even complications arise.

This is important to keep in mind, especially when:

  • Fractures
  • Tendinite
  • Tension of ligaments
  • Severe bruises
  • Open wounds

4. Gastroenteritis

Problems with digestion have a bad effect on our performance, including when doing physical exercises . Nausea, diarrhea and other unpleasant symptoms are also possible.

But some enthusiasts of physical culture and in this situation continue to engage in physical exercises.

Then you need at least give the body more time to recover , because intense movements and loss of fluid can further worsen the state of the digestive system.

5. Chronic disease

People who are diagnosed with such chronic diseases as cancer, severe form of hypertension, diabetes , should be very careful, doing some kind of physical activity.

These and other pathologies worsen the work of the most important organs of the body, and they are usually associated with increased energy expenditure.

Therefore, with such diagnoses, it is best to suspend training at least until the time when the diagnosis is confirmed and with the help of prescribed remedies and procedures the symptoms of the disease stabilize.

When the situation with the disease is already controlled, not too intense and prolonged training can be useful.

6. Flu or cold

Some yoga postures help control various symptoms of flu and colds.

But intense physical activity, which gives a big load on the cardiovascular system, can strengthen these symptoms, even if we try not to be too zealous.

Increased sweating, loss of fluid and hypothermia weaken the immune response of the body and make it defenseless against viruses.

7. Do not exercise and after a great physical exertion

Sometimes we are going to practice after our muscles, heart, lungs have already received a decent load.

It happens, when we transfer some weights, move furniture or even do cleaning. All these activities require considerable physical effort.

If after that, and engage in intensive physical exercise, the risk of muscle damage and fatigue increases.

In conclusion, we emphasize that, although physical activity is very useful for health, it is important to know in what situations it should be avoided.

Sometimes our body is not in a position to sustain serious physical activity without damage to health.

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